Boiler Repairs Sussex

Boiler problems can be intensely irritating and sometimes even an emergency situation.  No need to fear - S Mercer Plumbing Gas Safe Engineers are qualified to effect all Powermax Boiler Repairs Sussex areas and get your boiler fixed with the minimum of fuss.

If you smell gas call your gas supplier immediately, then call our Sussex customer services team to arrange an emergency appointment on 01323 504589

As experienced boiler repair specialists we repair and service all models of Powermax boilers all around Sussex, from the older range models to the new Potterton HE versions.

We also offer 

  • Potterton Powermax Boiler Servicing
  • Boiler Cleaning and Breakdown Repairs


It is essential to call us if you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning (an invisible killer; symptoms could be nausea, headaches, dizziness, tiredness, confusion, difficulties breathing or stomach pain that is unexplained by any other reason and gets better when you are out of the house).  We strongly recommend a Carbon Monoxide alarm if you have a gas boiler - although most boilers, if serviced and cleaned regularly, are perfectly safe in use.  Your boiler may not indeed be the problem - sometimes leaky pipes under the floor are the cause.

Either way, we offer a swift response to your emergency boiler repair issues: if you call us out in Sussex, we aim to arrive on the same day to get your boiler repaired and working again.

Not just experts in boiler repairs in Sussex, we can also advise you on any works required, to bring the installation up to the current standards as regards to flues in voids.

Call S Mercer Plumbing for all your boiler repairs Sussex customers please contact us here via email or phone.