Landlords and Gas Safety Reports

If you are a Landlord, you will require annual CP12 Landlords gas safety reports to comply with legislation.

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Please remember a Safety report is not the same as a service and you should be looking at having all your gas appliances regularly maintained for your own and your tenants safety.

Text below direct from CORGI

Question. In addition to the annual gas safety check of relevant appliances, does a Landlord also have to have each relevant appliance serviced?

Answer. The requirements of Regulation 36 Duties of Landlords of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 (GSIUR) are split into two separate duties; one is for maintenance of relevant gas appliances and flues and the other is for annual gas safety checks.

It is important that Landlords appreciate that an annual gas safety check should not be considered as maintenance/service of a gas appliance unless it is specifically requested of the CORGI registered gas installer that an appliance service is undertaken at the same time as annual safety check.

Landlords are also responsible for maintenance of the gas installation pipework and this duty can be demonstrated by requesting that the gas operative also carries out a gas tightness test at the time of the annual gas safety check.

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Question. Which gas appliances within the rented accommodation should be checked?

Answer.  The maintenance and safety check requirements generally apply to any gas fittings or flue installed in the “relevant premises” except: Any appliance owned by the tenant Flues/chimneys solely connected to an appliance owned by the tenant.

Any gas appliances (such as gas fires provided for customers in non-residential areas of public houses) that are exclusively used in a part of the premises occupied for non-residential purposes.

Please note that any appliances and flues serving “relevant premises” (such as heating boilers not installed in tenants’ accommodation but used to heat a number of premises) are covered. The duty to maintain and arrange safety checks also applies to portable appliances such as LPG cabinet heaters.

Question. What happens if an appliance fails the safety check?

Answer. The safety check record will contain details of any defect identified and any remedial action taken at that time. You should ensure you use a CORGI Registered Installer to rectify the defects. It is an offence to use, or allow the use of a gas appliance you know to be unsafe. Do not reconnect an appliance that you have been told is unsafe, or which has either been isolated or disconnected for safety reasons.